"We believe in doing things which have measurable positive impact on Nature over mere Conservational talks."


Monsoon Retreats is Situated in the midst of thick cardamom plantation where we had tried to blend Agro cum Ecotourism. Here we desired to spread agricultural awareness along with ecological service. Nights are serene which gives you the real essence of jungle where one sleeps under the lullaby of Cicadas. Trekking into the sensitive areas of Periyar Tiger Reserve, and bamboo rafting through the calm waters of Periyar lake will always remain as a cherishing memory.

All cottages are designed in such a way that they stand 10-15 feet above the ground giving a tree House feeling. Instead of staircase, we constructed ladder type stairs for giving you a true machan feeling. Therefore we don't recommend it for old aged people having issues in climbing ladders as well as pregnant ladies. All cottages are separate with an attached bathroom and a beautiful balcony to relax and enjoy the bird diversity. Rooms are free from television, so that the natural ambience is held intact.

With more than 45 species of birds(in that 12are endemic to Western Ghats), Monsoon retreats turns out to be an ideal destination for Bird watchers. Cacophony of birds fills the atmosphere especially during dawn and dusk. You can't miss the unnecessary intrusion of racket tailed Drong or white bellied tree pie into your balcony. Sometimes Jungle babblers might know at your door just to check who is the new intruder into their territory. We have avoided Television as they turn out to be a nuisance when in the company with birds, amphibians, reptiles, dragon flies, butterflies as well as various other Tropical Biodiversities.

We also provide delicious and traditional Kerala type homemade food but since it is not include in the package like breakfast, will request our guests to inform us if they are looking forward for homely cuisine.